Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Park Avenue Paul" 's Weekend Tips: NRL Rnd 7; Randwick Races

NRL (7/8 last week): BUNNIES; Dragons; Broncos, Warriors, Knights (used to be a 'one man' team); Cowboys (Manly are a 'one animal' team); Raiders; Titans

Sydney Cup day - RESULTS: R1#3 Silently WON ($8.6); Pravana R3#5 4th; Manhattan Rain R4#1 3RD [N.T.D.]; Vision & Power R5#1 X, Sousa #13 X; Common Objective R6 #13 X; Danleigh #8 WON ($6.9) or Forensics #11 X in R7. RESULT: +7.5.
CUMULATIVE: 45 bets, 9 winners (20%); 13 place (29%). Profit +12.5 units. Profit on turnover 28%


  1. Hi PAP - went with all your tips except Titans and Roosters. Panthers have 2.5 start and Roosters 4.5. Had a shocker last week - only 3. Wouldn't want to be a betting man. Where was the picture taken?

  2. Too bad you aren't a betting man and haven't been following my racing tips during the Autumn Carnival - making a nice 25% profit.
    The photo was taken last year at the old Yankee Stadium

  3. by the way, due to complaints about the content from my co-blogger, I will be starting my own "Park Ave Paul" blog this week