Saturday, February 27, 2010

NYC hammered by monster winter storm

A strong winter storm parked itself Friday over the Tri-State area, bringing heavy winds, flooding and more than 60 cm of snow in areas north and west of New York City. By 2 p.m. Friday, over 50 cm of snow was measured in Central Park. North and west of the city, some areas saw more than 75cm . Combined with the last snow storm we had, New York CIty set a record for most snowfall ever in February with 91 cm, smashing the 1896 record of 90 cm.

Another tough commute

our street at 8 am

unlike Mosman, really do need a Range Rover here!

could't even open our terrace door because of the weight of all the snow

our terrace again

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Central Park in the snow is beautiful...but deadly

Another snow storm started today. predicted to leave up 20-40cm by time it stops on Saturday. Unfortunately a man walking in the Mall was killed instantly by a falling branch laden with the heavy wet snow. The Mall is in our part of the Park but we don't usually jog on it, but visitors usually walk it. Happened at the E67th st level of the Mall

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Millerton NY/best pizza in NYC

Saturday (Feb 20) we rented a car and headed up to the Litchfield Hills of CT again. Just back over the border in NY State, we found this cute little town, MIllerton. it appears to be a lively place only 2hrs (160 km) N of NYC and best of all for us, it has the Rail Trail, an old railway line that has been converted into a recreation path. it is currently 16 km long but will eventually be 80 km long. we found a small cottage in a side street in town that is for rent for $900/month, so we are considering taking a year-long lease on it for a weekender.

Main St., Millerton

on the Rail Trail

Sunday was almost spring-like, sunny, 7C max, although a bit of a wind. We have a lot of catching up to do fitness-wise if we are to keep up when cycling in France in July, so we headed out for our first ride of 2010, 25km return trip to one of our favortie pizzerias, Motorino, in Williamsburg. Last week it was featured in the New York Times food section and voted 'best pizza in the city'; quite a call.cycling thru urban grunge of Long Island City (Queens) on the way to Williamsburg

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring break in Miami

Paul was speaking in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday morning, so afterwards we headed down to Miami (only about half hour n the freeway) for a night for a short 'spring break'. plenty of sun but unseasonably cool; only around 16 in the day with a cool breeze, and down to 10 at night (I guess it's better than -6 in NYC). By the way, on Friday was the first time there has ever been snow on the ground somewhere in all 48 of the mainland US states on the same day (including somewhere in Florida), and in fact approx 60% of the USA snow on it; Vancouver could have done with some of it. It has been a rough winterfamous South Beach...
...with a nice clean shore break
our funky art deco hotel in the old part...
...but otherwise it's a huge characterless Gold Coast in the hip new SoFi (South of Fifth street) section
view back from South Pointe (why the pretentious "e"?) to Downtown Miami

Friday, February 12, 2010

Central Park after the blizzard

Looks great all year round, but especially pretty on a sunny day after a dump of snow

(photos by Monica)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6 a.m. running in Central Park

For the past 3 months, we have been meeting this group of maniacs in the Park to run. 6 a.m. Tues, thurs and Sat; Rain, hail or shine. it was pretty slippery this morning (-1C, and -5C with the wind chill) after the blizzard

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NYC missed by 'snowmaggedon' but not this blizzard

The automated phone messages started yesterday afternoon (which was sunny though cold), with the Superintendent of Schools advising schools would be closed today. So we knew it would be a real blizzard this time. It started snowing at midnight and expected to continue until 6 am tomorrow. 20-40 cm accumulation is predicted. will play havoc with the "morning commute", but hopefully nothing like the avalanches in Afghanistan.

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1. our terrace at 7 am
2. on 63rd st this morning
3. the 'morning commute' no too bad for some...
4. long as you dodge the snow plows on the sidewalk

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"snowmaggedon" and superbowl sunday

For those who are worried about our well being, the record-breaking snow storm that has paralyzed Washington DC ("snowmaggedon" or "snowpocalypse" as it has been referred to) stayed well south of NYC and we only got a very light coating. There seemed to have been a bit more on the West side of Manhattan, as the photos from our walk to the High Line today reveal (to follow). very different to summer.

Although we are making some nice friends here, we haven' t been invited to a Superbowl party yet. but we did go to our favorite local pub the "Sin Bin" to watch a bit of the 3rd Qtr in the game between the Indianopolis Colts (who knocked out NY Jets ) and the New Orleans Saints (Colts leading 10-6 at half time). Saints won 31-17 and even Monica said the final quarter was exciting as New Orleans hit the lead for first time in the match then held off Colts desperately fighting to get back into it, and we ended up staying until full time.
New Orleans Saints scoring the match winning touchdown, off an intercept

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ground Hog Day 2/2/10 (what a lot of B.S.)

(from the Huffington Post website): Most local groundhogs did not see their shadows on Groundhog Day 2010, even though the most famous one of all did. Punxsutawney Phil's Groundhog Day 2010 prediction was six more weeks of winter, as he did see his shadow.But how about Buckeye Chuck, Staten Island Chuck, Jimmy The Groundhog, and General Lee Groundhog? None of them saw their shadows. The Marion Star reported on Buckeye Chuck of Ohio not seeing his shadow. Mayor Bloomberg declared the same news for Staten Island Chuck in New York.PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL. I GUESS HE IS A TYPE OF POSSUM what happened later today in NYC? it snowed for the first time in 6 weeks! though only 1-2 cm accumulation that melted by lunchtime. here are some photos from our apartment.
on our terrace looking east
our terrace, towards the city
the communal garden of our apartment complex