Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity spotting

Last friday, back from holidays early, we went for a jog in central park. while going around the reservoir we passed a small pack of beefy runners and noticed they were security guards by their earpieces. up ahead I saw some paparazzi in the bushes and found out it was Monsieur Sarkosy they were guarding. His wife wasn't with him. he was a real shuffler. Johnny howard could have easily out power-walked him. This photo was in the NY Daily News on Sunday.

Then last night on the way to dinner at a restaurant near the UN we passed Geoffrey Robertson on the footpath. He is looking older and rather portly, wearing a blue suit with a very loud tie. We called out "G'day, Robbo!" but he pretended not to hear (pretty arrogant).


  1. this picture of Monsieur Sarkozeeeee proved apocryphal. Couple of days later he collapsed while jogging. Gossips are saying it's all his wife's fault. Putting him on mung beans diet or similar herbally derbally stuff, taking out the protein (no more backyard barbies for Nick) and no alcohol. How unFrench. No wonder he had a turn.

  2. yes we were amused to read that as well, he does look like he is struggling, maybe they were paramedics and not bodyguards.