Saturday, March 13, 2010

dreadful weather for NYRRC 8000

went in this 8 km 'fun' run in Central Park this morning. It was 4 deg C, raining and blowing a gale, but still >2500 showed up. I did about 41 mins, and came 1013th. would have broken 40 but had to stop for at least a minute because of an equipment problem. Not bad for a grandpa! Winner did 24.


  1. I expect more from someone who runs 5 times a week, even if you are an old grandfather. However I would have stayed in bed, so I guess I should keep my nasty comments to myself

  2. that's the type of small minded comment i would expect from someone with a transparent cranium. you would have loved the conditions. and by the way i only run 3 times per week: doctors orders.