Monday, May 30, 2011

Postcard from Philadelphia

It is the Memorial Day long weekend, but Monica is not very mobile now, so we didn't go far. We took the train to Philadelphia. It is only Syd-Newc distance away. The name means "city of brotherly love". It is very historical, and was the national capital from the time of Independence in 1776 until 1800. It has lots of old buildings and stately squares dating back to that period. But it also has lots of modern amenities, including the Art Museum (Rocky ran up the steps); a great bike path stretching for miles along the river; modern shops and restaurants. It is definitely worth visiting...

The Liberty Bell (the crack symbolizes the imperfectness of liberty in the USA).

The Assembly Room of Independence Hall. Washington sat in the chair at the back when presiding over the writing of constitution, which Benjamin Franklin et al worked on at the other tables. Lincoln's body lay in state here as well.

Betsy Ross's house. she was a seamstress and sewed the first Stars & Stripes flag. She must have been about Monica's height judging by the door size :)

Elfreth's Alley. these "row houses" (terraces) date back to 1711; this is supposedly the oldest continuously-inhabited residential street in the country.

36 1/2 weeks (who's counting). Click on the picture and you can read that the idea of Mother's Day started in Phila. (P.S. Make sure you click on the picture of Obama & DSK on the previous post!)

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