Monday, July 11, 2011

#287. Postcard from Amsterdam

Taking a leaf out of the Casey Anthony parenting guide, Paul left Monica and Xavi behind in NYC and headed over to Amsterdam for a couple of days of partying - Heinken for breakfast lunch and dinner, frequent trips to the "coffeeshops" and then on to the Red Light District. After all, it is only 6hrs direct flight from NYC!

In reality, it was a 48 hr work trip to fulfill a speaking engagement at the World Lung Cancer Conference, which had been organized long before Xavi was conceived. Would have loved the 3 of us to go but unfortunately he had to stay behind - no international travel recommended until he has had his 2nd whooping cough shot at 4 months. A half-day city tour was part of the conference...

view from the canal. Amsterdam has 104 canals and is dubbed 'the Venice of the north"
the WWII memorial at the Dam
outside the Van Gogh musuem
Anne Frank house. the actual house is the one on the extreme left with the black door. the modern building to its right is the museum
now where did i put my bike? the population is 16 million and there are 18 mil. bikes

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