Sunday, October 2, 2011

xavi ~ 15 weeks

Grand Final weekend in Sydney, so what else were Xavi & I to do but don our Red & Green gear (definitely hoodie weather now), dream of a 21st premiership and reminisce about Ron Coote flattening Bradstreet in the opening minutes of the '68 grand final. One thing I haven't worked out is how is Xavi going to be full back for the Bunnies and quarterback for the Jets in 2036? I'm sure he'll manage it some how (the seasons only overlap a few weeks in September!) BTW the grand final was broadcast live here, on the Fox Soccer Channel at 1.30 am Sunday. Of course I did not get up & watch it. What are the Warriors doing in the comp anyway???

He has a new toy which amuses him a lot, and he loves reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear. he is a very happy little fellow. Goes down by 7.30 or 8, but has been waking twice after midnight again this week.

FYI August & September were the wettest consecutive months on record; since the hurricane we have had over 700 mm rain. We are really looking forward to the Hacks arriving this weekend.

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