Saturday, March 3, 2012

Benvenuti a Roma!

Here are some highlights from the first half of Steinbicker's "Rome-the Old City" walk, which begins at the Piazza Venezia. But on the way there from the hotel there was an anti-Austerity protest against the banks at Piazza della Repubblica, just down the street from the hotel.

1. Piazza Venezia and the Monument to King Victor Emanuel II. Erected by Mussolini, who lived in Palazzo Venezia, the building the buses are stopped in front of.

2. The Pantheon, built in 27 B.C. and still in use today. Incredible.

3. "Calling of St Matthew" by Caravaggio, (early 16th century) mural in San Luigi di Francesi church.

4. Statue of Neptune, Piazza Navona. Not as famous as the Four Rivers statue by Bernini also on the Piazza, but the light was much better.

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