Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jenny & Stephen back in NYC

Great to have Jenny & Stephen back in NYC (see blog #1 in Jan 2009. Anyone who enjoys following the blog should thank Jenny for motivating us to get it going). Weather much kinder this time: sunny every day and 15-20 deg C. Did the obligatory "friends in town" trip to the High Line, including the view of Pier 54 (picture number 2 below), where the Titanic was supposed to berth 100 years ago this Sunday. Thoughts of the Titanic fresh in our minds, we still took the East River Ferry on Sunday (Stephen looking like an Underbelly extra). While doing the High Line tour on Saturday, we also to called in to Washington Square. Not only were there bluegrass buskers that Xavi enjoyed, but it was also the NYC venue for World Pillow Fight Day (?) which apparently also occurred in Sydney


  1. Titanic obsessives will be frothing at the mouth... that pier in the photo is a cunard line pier (54) whereas Titanic was part of the white star line, and would have docked at pier 59. Carpathia (cunard line) picked up Titanic survivors and docked at pier 54.

  2. thank you but do have to challenge one fact. According to the article in the NY Times on Sunday, Pier 54 is where the Carpathia sailed out from. it returned to Pier 59.