Monday, July 30, 2012

#375. Xavi the lady's man

Been here 4 years now and Sunday we went down to Tribeca for our annual celebratory meal to mark the anniversary, this time for Sunday brunch at the popular "Bubby's" on N. Moore St, which is very Park Slope/Paddington/Prahran. Xavi put on all his charms when meeting this cute little girl while we were waiting for a seat. He was also amused by the wooden cow out the front. After his midday nap, we went over to the Central Park Zoo where he had close encounters with several other species including the penguins and tropical bird shown here, as well seals, snow monkeys, and a mongoose. Between the thunderstorms we also visited the High Line so Xavi could have a play in the water feature, which Maxi had done a year earlier...

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