Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not a good day to be homeless on the streets of NYC...

Only 26F (-3C) today and at lunch time there was an hour of this wet snow/ice, which set in more steadily later in the afternoon. Xavi will be very disappointed he missed it, although not much accumulation except on surfaces like car windshields.
I'd be moving to Florida this time of year if I was her (yes, her. Very sad. Same problem with community-based mental illness here as in Sydney {Tale of 2 cities, chapter 3} and in fact according to the NY Post, one thrid of the 33,000 homeless on the streets of NYC have a mental illness and many are capable of acts of violence, including the crazy schizophrenic woman who pushed an innocent Indian man under a subway train in Queens last week as an act of "revenge" for 9/11)

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