Sunday, March 24, 2013

40th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon this weekend

They are probably going on all around the globe, and NYC was no exception, with a tribute band "Us & Them" playing at the Cutting Edge on 32nd st in Murray Hill last night to mark the occasion. As they said at the beginning of the show, 'very distressing that it's 40 years, but thank you Pink Floyd for giving us Dark Side of the Moon". They played Dark Side in its entirety then highlights from Wish You Were Here and The Wall. Unfortunately it was very much a case of us and them, the lead singer being no Dave Gilmour and they only had 2 girls, both white. They proceeded to butcher DSOTM, but the lead guitarist did manage to play most of the riffs from the other albums pretty proficiently in the second half of the show. What can you expect for a $20 cover charge and an 8 pm kickoff?

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