Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#490 - MTA Museum in Brooklyn

Weather was more autumnal last weekend so instead of our usual ferry trip to Williamsburg and D.u.m.b.o. on Saturday morning, we went to Brooklyn Heights to check out the MTA Transit Museum, assuming Xave would enjoy it. Like something out of Get Smart, the entrance was cleverly disguised as a subway station (in fact the old Court Street station)
and the museum is set out on the 2 levels of the station, with the buses on the mezzanine level
and the collection of old subway cars on the lower level, on the tracks.
As you can see, it was very hands-on, and Xave sure did like it!
Pic of old Brooklyn trams or "trolleys" (trivia - Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team [now LA Dodgers] was shortened from the original name Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers).

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