Monday, January 27, 2014

# 525 - Another Australia Day in NYC

Work as usual today, but Australia Day does make a bit more of a ripple here than it seems to in Milan. As you probably know, Hugh Jackman organized to have the Empire State Buidling lit up green & gold last night. In case you missed it on the news, here's how it looked from our window.
Saturday nigh,t I went to a bar downtown for a party put on by the NY Magpies AFL team, with a live feed of the Hottest 100 as the highlight. I only stayed to about Number 93.
Then Sunday, I "celebrated" with a pie from Pieface (there are now 7 locations in NYC now - New Yorkers love 'em! - I went to the one near Union Square and there were no spare seats), followed by a large 'cap at the Toby's Estate in snowy Williamsburg and then a Cooper's Pale Ale at a bar around the corner. Then came home and had a bet on the first race at Wyong, as 3 Australian meetings are covered by the online TAB here.
Ever tried a selfie with a Blackberry??
Good to know you can still be a yobbo even if you're 15,000 km from home. By the way, should also congratulate an old school friend of mine Trevor Danos who lives around the corner in Tasman St Bondi, for his gong on Sunday, an AM for services to the community.

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