Monday, July 14, 2014

What China will be like next century

(Bethlehem PA, circa 1935). Before we went to see Thomas yesterday, we stayed Saturday night at the Sands Casino & Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania a large town nestled in the steep-sided Lehigh Valley about 30-40 km to the west of Phillipsburg NJ. Bethlehem was the site of Bethlehem Steel, the 2nd biggest steel mill in the country back in the day, but ceased operations in 1995. The huge smoke stacks and the massive but deserted and crumbling other buildings make a foreboding backdrop to the casino. Nick Cave's Red Right Hand would be the perfect musical accompaniment when looking at them. 2014
(Bethlehem PA, 2014)
Though S. Bethlehem is decrepit, it's a different story on the North side where they have a nice historic Downtown and lots of well-maintained antebellum mansions in nearby streets. It was very pleasant for strolling around there on Sunday morning.

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