Thursday, December 18, 2014

Look who's three and a half today!

Now 88 cm tall and weighs 14.8 kg. Loves his bike (no training wheels), scooter, swimming and any NYC playground. And loves his trains. Toilet trained in the day. sleeps 8.30 'til 7.30. loves pizza, spinach triangles, chicken schnitzel, ham. water, juice, milk. Quite a sweet tooth. Can almost write his name and can count to 10 in Italian. No food allergies but still on asthma preventative and needs Ventolin about once a month. What a good boy!
Fall semester progress report from Miss Ashleigh: Xavier is a pleasure to have in class. He is bright, curious, and kind. He is able to follow directions and maintain focus on the activity at hand. He’s an enthusiastic participant in all of our activities, from circle time to music and movement. He is well-liked by his peers and is comfortable playing alone and with his classmates. Xavier loves to build elaborate tracks for Thomas the Train to cruise around on. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Xavier and look forward to working with him next semester!

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