Monday, May 4, 2015

Dateline: Baltimore

This weekend we were invited to a wedding of one of Paul's co-workers, in the state of Maryland. The venue was a farm where the bride grew up, in Montgomery County in the state's northwest. Weeks ago, before anyone ever heard of Freddy Gray, we booked train tickets and a hotel room in Baltimore, about 45 minutes drive to the east. So despite the curfew and the slight risk of getting caught up in some kind of unrest, we went ahead and stayed there. It was surreal seeing the National Guard on every corner and everything shutting down at 10 pm, but it seems like a nice city with plenty to do for tourists traveling with or without children. We stayed in a very nice Four Seasons hotel right on the Harbor.
TRIVIA QUESTION: the American flag flying on the top of this hill overlooking Baltimore Harbor (now called Federal Hill) is extremly symbolic. Why? [answer at bottom]. While we were at the wedding, Xavi was being babysat at one of the bride's relatives' farm nearby and he had a lot of fun
On Sunday, we visited The National Aquarium (in Baltimore) which was really excellent. In fact they have an Australian exhibit, which was quite realistic.
ANSWER TO TRIVIA QUESTION: Francis Scott Key was looking on to a flag in this location from his hotel room, during a battle on Baltimore Harbor between the British and Americans, when he wrote the words to the Star Spangled Banner.

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