Sunday, July 26, 2015

#586 Xavi's first trip to the movies

On Saturday we went to see Minions at the 11.30 am session at the AMC/Loews movie theater on Third Avenue between 86th & 87th. Xavi's friend Katarina had seen it and recommend it. We gave it 1 star.
Xavi ate a bag of popcorn and drank a 20 oz Coke (actually that's not true but he did eat a whole bag of Welch's Fruit Snacks). You could also watch "Minions" in 3-D but that would have been a bit ambitious. The movie was fine but the trailers were rather violent especially Goosebumps which comes out November 1 for Halloween, and we thought was inappropriate for the Minions audience. We have spent the weekend explaining over & over how the monsters come out of the books, why the Abominable Snowman put his finger in the light, why the lady ran over the werewolf, what a gnome is, etc etc and why it won't happen with our books.

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