Monday, December 21, 2015

#604. Five removes from President Roosevelt

On the weekend we rented this Chevrolet Cruze and drove up to the historic town of New Paltz, on the edge of the Catskills and about an hour NW of the city (kind of like going to Katoomba). We stayed in this 200-year old stone house. The property has been in the owner's wife's family since Colonial times and President Roosevelt who lived at "Hyde Park" just across the Hudson near Poughkeepsie (the movie Hyde Park on Hudson with Bill Murray as FDR is quite entertaining) paid her grandfather a visit during WWII - hence cryptic title of this post.
It was chilly on the weekend (-1 to 3 C both days). Still no snow around this winter but frequent flurries on Saturday afternoon. So it was cozy inside the old house and Xavi also enjoyed exploring (and falling in) the creek running down the back. It is a 15 minute walk into town along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail which runs more then 20 miles all the way to Kingston NY, and these bucolic views toward the Shawangunk Mountains along the way

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