Monday, February 15, 2016

#615. You know it's going to snow when...

... when you see the Dept of Sanitation's salt trucks out on the street, as was the case this morning. Who needs Accuweather!
and sure enough by lunchtime we were having the 2nd snow accumulation for the month. About 2.5 cm - nothing like the blizzard last month when the Hacks were here, but enough to play in (school's out this week)
And it was nearly gone by the evening as it was replaced by rain as the temperature warms up. Very whacky weather lately. A record low yesterday - below zero(-15C) and -25C in the wind: at those temperature only needs a slight breeze to send the thermometer plummeting, but expected to be back up to 15C tomorrow as warm currents come up the East coast from the Gulf of Mexico
Happy President's Day!

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