Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jogging in the snow

this morning it wasn't so cold - only minus 4 C, and no windchill - but it was snowing quite heavily. There was more than an inch (30mm) of snow on the ground. it makes jogging difficult because the road is slippery and also needed to wear a cap to keep the snow out of your eyes. we did our usual sunday run, over to Central Park and up to the Reservoir, do a lap of the reservoir (2.5 k loop) and back home, roughly 10 km round trip. You normally get a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline when you are going round the northern side of the Reservoir; this morning it was foggy and also the reservoir was frozen over and covered in a layer of snow which was very pretty (top picture).

Obama's Inauguration on tuesday is the big news item here. If you did not see the 60 Minutes story on him, you should: it's very inspiring. You can still watch the video online. The link is if the link doesn't work, go to, the date is Dec 28th 2008 and the story is called "the Long Shot Candidate" 

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