Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tues 20/1/09: Obama Fever Grips NY

 We were watching the inauguration on the computer at home via CNN but just as Obama got up to give his address, the screen froze, so we made a dash to the pub across the road and watched on big TVs there.  Amazing, what a guy! What a great speech. Commentators are talking here about a new national and global moment. 

The photo was taken yesterday on my Blackberry at a cake shop in Greenwich Village - i buy cheese at the cheese shop next door. sorry for all the reflection off the glass. If you blow it up, you can make out Obama's face on the loaf of bread on the left, and the one on right obscured by the Yes We Can sign has "Change" on it. the patriotic cupcakes in between are red, white & blue, are for Inauguration Parties.


  1. Hi Mon,

    I thought I'd increase the general interest in your blog by leaving a comment.

    Dave Porter

    PS, the rain has become frozen on my bike seat

  2. hey dave how about a followers photo

  3. Hi Monica and Paul,
    I'm just back from a quick coffee up in Newtown at a new cafe - Black star pastry - great brownies & coffee.
    Love your photo above celebrating the events of the day. I clicked on it to enlarge and could see the images. I've just watched Obama's speech on the internet and can only imagine how exciting it must have been for you. What a fantastic memory.

    Hi too to David. The ripple of viewers is spreading.



  4. hi yesterday was stinking hot (35) and today the same, with usual storm/rain forecast for afternoon but so far nothing much has come of the change. Struggling in first week back. Don't know how Paul did all those conference trips and then got straight back into it. Going to another funeral today. Melissa Ball's father.

  5. dear Jenny and stephen,
    sorry to hear about Melissa's father, tell her I'm sorry and give her my best wishes for the family. I can remember her talking about her father, they were very close weren't they and she looked after him, kept an eye on him?
    As stinking hot as it is in Syd, it is equally freezing cold in NY, -8 in fact!
    Paul says he doesn't know how he did it either. I think no brain no pain!

  6. Jenny bye the way, it was something I'll always remember, watching the Obama inauguration speech, but I'm sure it is the same for everyone no matter where you watched it.