Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day long weekend & Monica's birthday

* bike ride in Central Park
* Coney Island, Brooklyn (water temperature only about 14 deg C)
* famous boardwalk and ferris wheel at Coney Island
* birthday dinner at Park Avenue Spring


  1. that bike ride in central park looks like it would most enjoyable. I expect the circuit gets pelotons of testosterone fuelled men whizzing around it. And supposing cycling is the new golf as it has been described here. That sand at Coney Island looks a bit dirty coloured. Am supposing the suburbs go all the way from NY city to the coast.

    .......woo hooo! I did a blog without asking a question

  2. speaking of things New York, Simon & Garfunkel are touring out here next month and I bought tickets. Haven't done that for yonks. Really looking forward to it. "Only Living Boy in New York", "The Boxer" and more

  3. Hi Monica,
    I'm sorry that we missed your birthday. I hope you had a lovely day riding through Central Park, or exploring another corner of New York. From the photos it looks as though the warm weather has arrived so as I sit here typing with the heater on, you are probably switching on the airconditioning.

    This weekend we're off to the Blue Mountains for the Queens Birthday long weekend. I'm sure that there will be a few bush walks and perhaps the odd visit to a cosy cafe. However, no bike riding as we have tried that before and it was just too cold.

    Thanks once again for the photo posts. It is so great to be able to see what you are doing in New York.

    Bye Jenny

  4. thanks for being the most regular commentators! Have a nice weekend.

  5. yes the suburbs do go all the way to the coast and it took about 1 hour to get to Coney Island so that's a lot of city in between. Swimming is only permitted (legal) from Memorial Day to Labor Day (Sept 7th) and only from 10am to 6pm. if you go for a swim at say 6am or 7am you risk being fined/arrested!! amazing as did happen to a man last year who dared to wade on a hot May morning.

    The cyclists don't seem to be very aggressive at all or maybe they cycle before I get to the park. I think they are pretty used to watching out for people and dogs Have a nice time in the BMs