Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paul's birthday

we went to Union Square Cafe as a walk-in

A dozen oysters from Maine as the starter. Sea scallops (Paul) and lamb chops (Monica) for the entree
Subway musicians on the way home: fortunately no bagpipes just a very harmonious African drum a la "The Visitor"


  1. I am registered at last to post a comment.
    How did you rate the food? I'm not into oysters but they looked pretty big.
    Was there any dessert?
    just realised I'm supposed to be making comments not asking questions so will have to improve for my noext post.

  2. Belated birthday wishes Paul.
    Sounds as though you were in the right place at the right time as I seem to remember that Monica tried to book there when we were visiting and it was impossible. I think we walked past and peered through the window. How did the meal compare to Gotham (I think that was what it was called)? It looks just as delicious but not as tall.

  3. hi all. Hey Paul, you know it's footy tipping time. Got any? Whoops just saw Genevieve's comment about not asking questions. Is that the blog etiquette. Whooops again.
    Hi Mon, how goes? Oh damn. This isn't easy. Just having a quiet news day here. The wind has been howling outside. But not cold. Jenny's taking me to a Sydney Writer's Festival event tomorrow. Hope it's raining.