Sunday, June 7, 2009

Manhattan Marathon Swim June 6th 2009

On Saturday was the annual swim around Manhattan: 28.2 miles (about 50 km), starting and finishing from South Cove at Battery Park, in the Hudson by Ground Zero. The water temp was 61-67F (15-17C). The winner did it in just over 7 hrs. We happened to be cycling by as the winner arrived. He was John van Wisse, 36, from Melbourne. He won it last year as well and also competed in 2000. He swims 80 km /week, mostly in the pool. he said the worst bit was the choppiness at the finish. As you can see below, at the finish he looked like he could jump back in and go around again. he is swiming beside the red kayak in the fist 2 pictures


  1. I read about him in the newspaper ages ago before the race! Well there you go - good on him he won!

  2. If he can swim 80kms a week his boredom levels must be extremely high. That is such a long time looking at the black line

  3. he didn't sound like he was top of the class at school