Sunday, June 7, 2009

NY Knights Rugby League

Last night was the opening game of the short RL season here. There are 8 or 9 teams from the East Coast that play in this league, and they play each other once. Last night it was NY Knights at home to the team from Washington. The Knights play in the Newcastle Knights colours. Their home ground, "The Castle", is down at Pier 40, on the Hudson River down by West Village. Entry was free and the crowd was about 100; probably 5 when you subtract players' family & friends. The standard was poor and the game very lopsided (i would have said about 60-20 in favor of NY when we left with about 10 mins to go; there was no scoreboard, or clock, or any other facilities [for fans or players] for that matter - the players got changed on the sideline!), but what better way for a home sick Bunnies fan to spend a few hrs on a Saturday evening? In the bottom picture that's Monica sitting on the steps on to the field at the half way line talking to an expat Manly fan, who actually turned out to be quite nice. we'll probably go again, if there's no paint to watch drying. On the way out I spoke to Matt who runs The Australian pub on W.38th and who is one of the founders of the team and still plays a few minutes of the interchage, and he said next Friday night's game will be much closer.


  1. I'm a sometime Knights fan so I should barrack for them.

  2. I know it's bad etiquette to ask questions but a tad curious to know where the goal posts were

  3. Great question. as it is a mulit-use field the goal posts are put into position at the start of the game (see them stored off to the side in the top photo). because they are on a stand, they actually position them on the dead ball line for safety reasons, with the stand sticking out behind, making a goal kickinh a little trickier. so I have some great photos of the players moving them into position before the game i will put in the next blog... truly a case of "moving the goalpsosts"