Thursday, November 5, 2009

New York Yankees win World Series in Game 6

My spies tell me this may have passed under the radar screen Downunder, but the baseball season finally ended last night with the NY Yankees winning the "Fall Classic" for the 27th time, a record in "all sports" (i'm presuming they mean all US sport). while everyone here knew of it, there weren't any car horns or all night celebrations one might have expected in another city, just business as usual and on to the weekend's football and basketball games. the Yankees aren't very popular outside NYC; they are seen as cocky silvertails and are accused of having bought this title

It was great to see Hideki Matsui win the Man of the Series award (pictured above), because he scored 6 of the Yankees 7 runs in the final game. he is quite a character: japanese and speaks through an interpreter, is 35 and has such bad arthritis in his knees he hasn't run between the bases or fielded for more than 2 seasons. he just comes out to the base, hits the ball, then goes and sits down again, and he gets paid $13 million a season (about $80K a game) for doing this. the night steve and i went to the baseball during the regular season he scored the match winning home run on the final pitch of the game, so he has been my favorite player, although apparently he is being traded to Seattle.

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