Sunday, November 15, 2009

day trip to western Connecticut

Yesterday we rented a car and drove to western CT again, less than 2 hrs from Manhattan and it is good to get out of the city and we are thinking of taking a long term weekend rental there next summer. Not a great day for it weather wise (damp but pretty mild, max around 13C) and the fall colors are past the peak, but it was fun anyway. Monica makes a weekly schlep to Union Square to buy free range eggs so when we saw these chooks we thought we might be able to get them even fresher

and lucky the farm had "cellar door" sales and these eggs were laid Friday (in fact it was on an honesty system and they were only $5/doz)

a bit further north is a cute town of West Cornwall, with another one of those covered bridges

could be in Scotland!


  1. Looks bewdiful. And only 2 hours away. Would it get much snow? Sorry, that was a question. Let me rephrase that. If it got much snow in the winter it could be good for a winter weekend getaway too.

  2. I'd better look up Connecticut on the map. I didn't know that was so close to Manhattan. It does look nice out there. Those fabulous covered bridges always seem to get used for the scenes in American movies when something goes a car chase gone wrong/murder scene.
    Think Al Pacino/Tommy Lee-Jones walking about intensely...