Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boston 1/15-17/10

we were invited to spend the weekend with our old friends the Christakis's who live in Boston (or Cambridge MA to be precise). Nicholas C. is a professor at Harvard, and is the house master for one of the Harvard colleges, so we stayed with them on campus, which was cool. He was named one of the 100 Most influential People in the world in 2009 by Time magazine. here are some pics of Harvard Uni. It was founded in about 1635. most of these buildings are more than 200 yrs old; British or American troops stayed in them during the Revolutionary War. It was sunny and 5C on saturday (1st picture); it was grey and colder (like 2-3C) on sunday (other pics)
1. Main gates of Harvard
2. Harvard Yard where freshmen live before going to the other colleges in subsequent years
3. Memorial Hall, where the freshmen eat
4. Porzheimer House (part of Radcliffe College) that Nicholas is master of
5. Harvard Square at night (6.30 pm).

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