Monday, January 11, 2010

NYC in January: Central Park

1. The Mall
2. Bethesda Fountain & Terrace and "The Lake"
3. The Lake
4. The Lake towards the 72nd st BoatHouse


  1. Looks beautiful P&M...and about as cold as Melbourne has got today. Lashing rain and wind, after this time last week a painful 44 degrees.
    Lucy and I saw Up In The Air yesterday, our first day off since leaving Terrigal. Liked it. I go and collect the boys at Sydney airport tomorrow, which will be great. They've had a ball...and not missed us at all. Lucy I hope will get a huge sleep in tomorrow. R.

  2. Hey those photos of Central Park look familiar. I think we've got some just like that from the time when we were there about the same time last year. Bewdiful.

    We saw Up In The Air too. Vast improvement on the introspective and doesn't know reality from movieland Broken Embraces. I think Almodovar is losing it.

    When I read 44 degrees in the context of the pictures here it make me want to put an F after after it

  3. paul says: thanks for the comments. we are looking fwd to seeing UITA too altho the critics here have been giving it B's mainly. it was 24F when these photos were taken. today it's a balmy 44f and all this snow and ice has melted. we are going skiing at Mountain Creek in NJ on saturday. just 50 miles from NYC