Sunday, August 22, 2010

Albany/Saratoga via Millerton

The political and medical dramas in Australia not withstanding, we went to Millerton for the weekend. It is late summer now and there are hectares of corn everywhere ready to be harvested. The trees are starting to show the earliest "fall colors". Saturday we drove 90 minutes NW to Albany which is the NY state capital on the Hudson river and it was a bit more interesting than we expected with a real eclectic mix of architecture. The state capitol is the gothic looking building in the background in 2nd photo, of "Empire State Plaza". The we drove another 50 km north to go to Saratoga, mainly to go to the races at the famous Saratoga Springs racetrack, the oldest race track in the US opened just before the Civil War. They only race there in july & August and there was a big crowd on hand. Sunday it rained heavily all day.

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