Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daytrip to southern Vermont

We went to Millerton on Friday night, as base camp for a day trip up into Southwest Vermont, another 80 miles to the north. After stocking up on produce at a farmstand, we went to Bennington VT to see the monument celebrating the battle of Bennington, one of the turning points in the northern section of the War of Independence, then to the quaint towns of Arlington, Manchester and Dorset, although just past Manchester is Manchester Center, which is all outlets. Near Dorset is America's first marble quarry now a popular swimming hole and also this funky "tractor farm". VT is much more mountainous and greener than NY or CT (hence its name!!!). On the way home Sunday we went home via New Haven CT, where Yale is located. Old and hsitroic like Harvard but not as nice a locale. The neo-Gothic Harkness Tower is famous

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