Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not too exciting

Saturday here, we just went for a wander and some lunch. We took the (huge) pumpkin that Paul bought for a thanksgiving decoration down to the compost bin at Union Square and then dropped off some electronic waste (broken camera and old phone and phone chargers etc) to a collection point. Then some lunch at Eataly a new Italian food hall place: naff name but really good. Not too exciting

Perfect weather for a warm apple cider

Composting bin at Union Square. Our photo was taken by a Singaporean film maker making a documentary on organic food around the world

then around the corner to the e-waste drop-off

followed by a pork brachiole for lunch at Eataly

not exactly BBQ season, but if we try to grill sausages indoors it makes the fire alarm go off.


  1. flash looking BBQ. Does the light above it work?

  2. yes, but picture came out better with flash and light off