Sunday, January 9, 2011

a quiet weekend in nyc

sorry for accidentally sending a blank blog on the weekend...pressed "publish post" instead of "save". Here is the correct blog. It was a quiet weekend in the city. here are are miscellaneous pictures from Downtown (Nolita/SoHo) and Rossevelt Island. No comaprison to the Qld floods but another 20-40 cm snow is forecast for tonight (Tuesday NYC)
Roosevelt Island, looking towards East River & Upper East Side of Manhattan

Queensboro Bridge and Roosevelt Island "tram"

antiques/garden centre on Elizabeth St, NoLiTa

SoHo fire escapes



  1. Is that Dave on the bike? Has he already arrived in NY? I thought he was still in Canada

  2. Yes when you said a quiet weekend and showed no pics I thought you were making a point. It would have been a first for this blog. Not making a point, I mean. Or is that not not making a point?

    Yeah, and that guy on the bike, that is weird. If it wasn't an art installation, what was he doing there?