Saturday, August 27, 2011

#321. Irene update

7 am Saturday morning and it is overcast but calm here in NYC.

The eye of the hurricane is 20 km off shore in North Carolina right now and expected to make landfall in the next few mins. It is down to Category 1, with winds around 110 kph at the eye. The pressure is 952. It is moving NNE at 20 kph so that is why they can predict it will hit here around midnight if it stays on course (apparently it has shifted slightly).

because of the shape of the Atlantic coastline, once it passes N.Carolina the next place it will hit is the NYC area. Of course there is the rain, flooding, wave surges, hail, and some risk of injuries. But it is really the wind damage with even localized tornadoes developing to power lines etc and the ongoing effects and inconvenience of blackouts: no fridge, elevator, running water, AC, etc. That is the bigger concern for us. The skyscrapers apparently cause the winds to pick up to Category 2 level, especially the higher up you are.

Anyway, here are some pictures of happy healthy Xavi. 10 weeks old today and already expereinced an earthquake and hurricane

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