Saturday, August 27, 2011

#322. Irene Update II: 11 a.m. Saturday

It is a huge storm - it has just started raining here, even though the eye (red) is more than 1000 km south of here. We have done the responsible thing and brought everything in off the terrace except the large furniture and the largest plants which are corralled in one corner. hopefully they don't get shredded, as they would cost a couple of grand to replace.

apparently the clouds are currently extending all the way from South Carolina to Maine. Already one fatality in N.Car; a tree fell on a man feeding his dog.

Mayor Bloomberg has recommended to move to a lower floor if you live above 10 (because risk of windows blowing out and flying glass); we have some friends we could impose on but we will just move the beds away from the windows and go down to the basement if really necessary. If you are above the 25th floor the wind goes up another category. they are expected to last 24 hrs

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