Sunday, May 6, 2012

Five Boros Bike Ride

Today was the 35th Five Boros Bike Ride. It is very popular and has a lottery to enter and Paul scored a spot this year. The course is 40 miles and basically the Marathon in reverse, plus a bit more. About 12 deg C and overcast when ehr departed from Battery Park near Ground Zero at 9.15 am. Then heads north through Central Park into Harlem, over into the Bronx then back down the east River, and past our front door before heading over the Queensboro Bridge into ... yes, Queens... then over the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn then all the way down to South Brooklyn and over the Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island. Very places because of so many bikes in the Sunday traffic. It was sunny and 20 deg by the finish at 3 pm. Then a long wait for the ferry as 30,000 cyclists had to be transported back to Manhattan. A long, fun day but definitely something to cross off the bucket list.

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