Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More scenes from the Five Boros Ride

the start, Battery Park
Freedom Tower (WTC) now the tallest building in Manhattan
Held up in Harlem (one of many hold ups, NYPD just couldn't control so many bikers)
Sunday morning entertainment in Harlem
On the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway)
The trip home on the Staten Island Ferry


  1. Looks like a spectacular ride. The spring sunshine seems to be continuing.

  2. thanks for commenting. Not sure 'spectacular' is the word. South of France, now that was spectacular. Maybe " big" captures it, and tediously slow in places. Event time was 8 hours and on-bike time was just under 5 hours, to cover a mere 44 miles (= about 12KM per hour) - and not because of lack of fitness! Glad to have done it, but would have been disappointed if I had come to NYC specifically just to do it.