Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm update II

Only 10mm of rain for the day so far, but the meterologists have said all along this storm is more about the wind and storm surges than the rain. The wind speed in NYC currently is 25 mph and the barometric pressure is 970 and falling. Predicted to be as low as 940, which would be a record for NYC. Down at Atlantic City NJ, where land fall is expected, the wind is currently 40 mph and the barometric pressure is only 950 kpa. Our main concern is power outages due to water getting into the underground electricity system. Tonight's full moon and high tide come right at the peak of the storm. it is turning inland rather than heading out to sea because of the high pressure over eastern Canada and Greenland. The gloom of the storm descends on Manhattan...
water lapping on the promenade beside the East River - unheard of
a First Ave shop door taped up for the storm

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