Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frankenstorm update III

6am Wednesday: The storm moved away to the NW overnight. The wind has died right down to only 15 km/h and the pressure is back up to 990. We have emerged largely unscathed. The elevators are shut off by building management. Hopefully they will be switched back on soon. But we have not lost power unlike Lower Manhattan below 39th street, or had the facade fall off our building or a crane collapse. And we are still alive unlike a dozen people (including 2 children killed by a falling tree while playing inside in the lounge room of a house in Westchester) and 2 crew members from the HMS Bounty replica are missing. Our friend Nicola Kissane was due to fly back to Melbourne today but her flight is canceled and she can't get another one until Friday. NYU Hospital had its generators fail. Subway tunnels have flooded and will take 4 days to pump out. So it is going to be chaotic here while the clean up operation goes on.

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