Monday, February 23, 2015

Could there be an even worse photo than the bacon wrapped pizza? Yes - here it is!

Courtesy of USA Today: When Fraser Cunningham stepped outside of his Cincinnati home Friday morning, it was still dark.It was darn cold, too. His Garmin told him it was -10 degrees F. And, just like he's been doing every single morning at 5:30 for more than 18 months, the 56-year-old GE engineer hopped on his bicycle and rode to work. It was so cold, that his eyes literally froze open during the trek. "It's better than freezing shut," he said. Cunningham hasn't missed a day commuting by bicycle since July 22, 2013. Hoping to beat out his personal best continuous streak of one year, eight-and-a-half months, he's been counting every day.
Watch the video above to see all the gear he needs to keep warm.

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