Sunday, February 8, 2015

"What good is the warmth of summer without winter to give it sweetness?"

So John Steinbeck wrote, or words to that effect. Thought today would be a good day to check out the High Line in the snow. Hadn't been there in a while as it's way over the other side of Manhattan and gets more & more popular/crowded all the time: in fact, i recall last time we said "Never again!". But today I guessed right, given we were heading for a max of 1 degree C, -5 in the wind, with a light fog. While all the roadways and sidewalks are cleared, several inches of snow have covered the rest of the ground since before Australia Day and it's hardly been above zero since then, so i presumed the High Line would still be snowy (but hopefully open) and I schlepped over there for a look.
this is the new section - closed today because of snow and ice.
Look familiar?
Here's Max & Xavi in the same spot in the summer of '13. Steinbeck was right.
The High Line is pretty amazing. For those who don't remember it was an elevated railway line built in the 1920's over in the old warehouse district by the Hudson, to get the freight trains off the street. it was use until the 1980's then closed and was even partially torn down.
the rest was left in disrepair until about 10 yrs ago when someone got the brilliant idea to turn it into a park. it opened shortly after we arrived. This is how it looked before renovation.

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