Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day long weekend

It is Memorial Day Monday, the unofficial start of summer. Can't go to Millerton this weekend because of work commitments, so on Saturday we decided to ride down to see the beach at Coney Island, a 40 mile round trip. This will probably be our last big ride before France. Set off at 3 pm and home at 7.30 pm, a long time in the saddle. we headed down along the East River (picture 1), over the Manhattan Bridge (2), past the brownstones of Brooklyn Heights (3), then all the way along Ocean Parkway to the board walk at Coney Island (4), then back along the water and under the Verazzano Bridge (5) to the Brooklyn suburbs of Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Park Slope before returning to Manhattan pretty exhausted.


  1. Celebrity Watch column is looking quite busy. Don't think Drummoyne readers can compete. Nice innovation

  2. the list would be longer if we knew who the "celebs" were. would probably fall over most without knowing who they were