Sunday, May 16, 2010

on the road to the Dordogne

Saturday it was a glorious spring day, around 20C in the arvo and much less windy than last week. we rode in the horse and dairy country to the NE of Millerton, in the direction of Ancramdale . This requires climbing Winchell Mountain for a mile straight up, and then it was quite undulating, which all should be good training for France in 6 weeks time. It was very bucolic up on the plateau.

Sunday morning (also glorious weather but only 10C when we set off at 9), we rode to Rudd Pond State Park, just 3-4 miles N of town. Named after a Maj Bezeleal Rudd, an early settler (1770's) in the area and who 'served the Revolution', according to the historical marker.

What with the commuting to/from Grand Central and Wassaic, we did 52 miles (85km) for the weekend.

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  1. Have a wonderful forthcoming week!
    I love biking, too!