Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day in Millerton

We went to Millerton again this weekend, but this time by rail and bike. Can only bring bikes on train outside peak hours, so came up on Saturday morning. we ended up riding about 100km for the weekend.

Saturday rode down to Grand Central Station on 42nd st (3 km), then from Wassaic station to Millerton (17 km). then after lunch rode back to Wassiac to attend an art show, then back to Millerton. Including riding to the supermarket did precisely 41.00 miles for the day (approx 65km). A mile is a lot further than a km!

Then Sunday we rode over into NW Connecticut to the village of Salisbury, for Mother's Day breakfast at the White Hart Inn, a charming newly renovated olde worlde inn. The ride involved 10km undulating country highway each way, with not much shoulder in places. And the Sunday weather was back to winter, so the ride was hard and not particularly enjoyable. Only 4C when we set off at 9 am, with a 25km wind gusting up to 50km, and the wind chill making it feel like sub-zero, and even colder on the bike. Then it was back to Wassaic Station once more for the 2hr rail trip home.


  1. After that weather report I think you're going to love France. Your mileage is most impressive!

  2. we really were knackered after cycling 60+40, especially in the wind. what about the "Mistral"? how hilly is the Dordogne? Cycling long distances day after day requires a lot of endurance