Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't ski Bousquet!

News: Schlepped up to Bousquet, the 4th & final ski field in the Berkshires on the outskirts of Pittsfield MA about an hour north of here, only to find out they had run out of rental equipment! The lodgings are run down, what equipment they did have was very worn, the chairlifts were old and the mountain is much smaller than the others (only 750 ft drop) so I would definitely not bother going back. I would rate them Jiminy Peak 1st, Catamount 2nd, Butternut 3rd and Bousquet a distant 4th. But we had a nice drive in the country in the sporty Mini we rented this week.
Entertainment: Oscars tonight. We will be rooting for Geoffrey Rush for Supporting Actor, but would be happy to see Christian Bale get it for his great effort in The Fighter. Mark Ruffalo is the dark horse.
Finance: oil went over $100/barrel and this impacted on the stock market with all the indicators down
Sport: Rex Ryan said this week the Jets will definitely win this Superbowl next season, but the season may not even go ahead as the owners & players negotiations are not going very well.
Weather: sunny and cold early in the week then wet Thurs/Fri. should be in 5-10C range most of next week, so windchill less of an issue from now on. There could be flooding in the Northeast next week as rain and warmer weather starts melting the icepack
Bousquet Mountain

Berkshire cows in their winter coats

more Berkshire cows

our street in Millerton

Main St, Millerton


  1. Don't like the look of those lift queues. Sounds similar to Mt Selwyn?

  2. haven't been there, but probably so. the queue is probably only 5-10 minutes. I have been told they can be up to 30 minutes on a holiday weekend though I have never struck this. they only have chairlifts so the lines move pretty fast. many ties you just ski straight on to the lift