Sunday, February 13, 2011

US Eastern Ski Jumping Championships

Unfortunately we missed all the fun of Gerard's 60th last night. But a slight consolation was that while we were in Millerton we were able to attend the ski jumping in Salisbury CT. It was quite a spectacle. The US Junior Olympic trials will be held at the site in 2 weekends time. Not sure of all the details of the height, slope, speed etc but the record jump length is 73 metres. We saw one of 70.5 m. One of the jumpers was only 13 and weighs only 50 kg. Obviously got to have courage: may be something Gerard could try to celebrate his milestone!

The jump

the view from half way up the landing strip

action shot: getting some nice air

hope they didn't need to use the ambulance

more ice sculptures in the main street of Salisbury

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