Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paul in Vancouver

Paul had to go to Vancouver last week for a conference. At the Vancouver Convention Center, down on the harbor. the convention center precinct is like Darling Harbor, and the harbor is busy but more Queenstown than Sydney. Vancouver does have a Sydney feel to it. Highlight was catching up with Joan Sheehan. it's about 18 months since Barry died and she was looking much better than when we saw her in NYC last summer.
Entertainment: Unknown (Liam Neeson) is #1 at box office this week. Oscars this weekend
Business: Aust $ hovering around parity
Sport: quiet now post-Superbowl until baseball starts in April. it is basketball and ice hockey season
Weather: got up near 20C on friday, but back into 0-5 range over weekend. was snowing on waking this morning and had 5cm accumulation, but melted quickly during day. Days are getting longer: now light until 5.30 pm

looking north across the Harbor to The Coast Mountaisn in the driection of Whistler

"Canada Place" and Vanc Convention Center

inside the conference center, with a peaceful vista onto the harbor

world globe inside conference center

the cauldron from last year's winter olympics (green) is now permanently located here near the conference center

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