Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from NYC

All the focus is on Times Square of course with the ball drop at midnight being the "last" place on the planet to welcome in 2012, almost 24 hrs after the Sydney fireworks. We may be just 2km from Times Square over here on First Avenue, but it is a world away: just another bleak winter's Saturday morning, though a bit quiter than usual because of the holiday weekend. It is unseasonably mild today, 12 degrees Celsius being more like April than December, so good to make the most of it and get outdoors as it is not expected to get above freezing for most of next week.

All the best for 2012 to all the followers of the 'Letter'.

First Avenue

Bagel line (Seinfeld moment)

67th Street farmers' market: limited range this time of year

the swings are in big demand at 68th Street playground

Xavi loves the swing.

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