Sunday, December 18, 2011

Xavi is 6 months today!

How time flies! It has been a wonderful journey so far - hope it has been as much fun for him as it has for us.

This week, Xavi started sitting up and has also started lifting his bottom up when he does 'tummy time', so he is getting ready to crawl. He babbles a lot and has started blowing bubbles. He eats some solids (pumpkin soup, weetbix, prunes yogurt). He goes to sleep easily but he is still waking 2-3 times per night. So after he gets over his 6 month vaccinations tomorrow, we will ferberize him.

To celebrate Xavi's "mezzo compleanno", we went to Untitled, the baby-friendly restaurant in the Whitney Art Museum on Madison at 76th, about a 20 minute walk. It was fine and sunny but very cold, only minus 3 deg C, and minus 9 deg C in the wind. No sign of any snow and it is forecast to be 5-10 deg C most days right through to Christmas, so no White Christmas in NYC again this year ( officially defined as 2.5cm of snow on the ground, which happens only 1 year in 7).

Here are some photos of him today

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